Sunday, July 19, 2009

2 words – Life Changing...

The past week and half +, during recovery, its given me a lot of time to really think about what my body went thru on July 7th. I think I had short term memory, because truly the impact was made on Friday, when I asked Dr. Schwartz to send me a few photos of "before". WOW. My life has changed for the better, forever. This experience, money spent aside, was the best thing I ever could have done. I am young and have so much more life to live - without ALL of that extra skin around my midsection! Even for the 1st time, now, I did not mind looking in the mirror!

Recovery really was doing a whole bunch of nothing. My mother in law was here helping with the kids and my friends and family continued to help with keeping the boys occupied. Food kept coming, making dinner time a whole lot easier for Mike to take care of. The hard part for the few days after I first got home, was sleeping upright, on my back. After a few days, I was able to turn a little bit on my side and actually felt most comfortable sleeping on the couch, where my back could be supported. The pain pump came out 1 week after surgery, however, unfortunately, the 2 drains stayed. I had been told that that was the worst part...and....I would have to agree. I FINALLY got the drains removed last Wed. and it was an incredibly free feeling. Now, its all about not doing too much, still not lifting the kids and letting the enormous amount of swelling go down. OH...and having to show the "after" to anyone that walked thru the door!

Everyone is so curious, and to their defense, I dont blame them. When you see the "before" you want to know if the surgery "really worked"...the answer...HECK YA and then some! This surgery was never looked at as a way to lose weight. Truly, no amount of exercise was going to fix the damage done by all of the pregnancies.

Dr. Schwartz throughout this entire process has handled me with kid gloves, as I am sure he does all of his patients. Not only are his skills incredible but his bedside manner matches that and kudos to him for being such a fantastic doctor.

I am looking forward to buying a bathing suit and going to the beach before the end of summer. I am looking forward to not having to hide my body behind clothing that is too big and I am looking forward to not looking away from the mirror when getting into the shower! All these things, unless you have been there, it is hard to understand the emotional side behind everything that I am looking forward to.

My goal during this whole experience, was to be as open and honest as possible. From the onset of Jens List, my motto was to share and that is just what I wanted to do here. As the weeks pass, the swelling will subside little by little. The full outcome of the surgery will not be realized until 6 months from now and I can't wait to see it!

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