Monday, September 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Girls Night In is a Success

Yes, it's been over a week since my Girl's Night In: Bridesmaids Style. But it was just THAT fantastic that I was too exhausted to recap. But I'm here now to tell you, in great detail, just how marvelous it was.

13 of us gathered in a girlfriend's "screening" room to escape our typical Family Friday Nights. Not that we don't love the end of the week with our family's, but coming off of the beginning of school, it's been nothing short of exhausting. We popped open some wine, and in my case a few cans of Diet Coke, oooohhh'd and aawwwww'd over the treats from LINDSAYCakes and began to relax. I would have loved to chitchat with all the girls all night long (and I think I foresee my own Girl's Night In coming soon), there was a movie to watch.

Movie candy was passed around, cell phones were put on vibrate, the lights were lowered. For the next two hours, every one laughed uncontrollably. We couldn't stop. No one moved, we were glued to our seats. It's the most quiet I've ever seen this group of women in my life.

After the movie, we did our stretching - hey we're pushing 40, things get tight - and made our way to the desserts. LINDSAYCakes did an incredible job with the cupcakes. Her attention to detail - she did bridesmaids dresses on some, and little faux engagement rings on others. Nearly everyone took one home - in addition to their real party favor: a mini-bouquet from Calabasas Flowers.

The evening was priceless, the company was bar none.

Bridesmaids is a must see, and it's officially out on DVD now, so get your own copy and have a Girl's Night In ASAP!

To place cupcake or cake orders from LINDSAYCakes, email Lindsay @

To order flowers from Calabasas Flowers, call Denice at (818) 222-5576

Monday, September 12, 2011

Lights, Camera, Girls Night In: Bridesmaids is Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

Jen's List is honored to be receiving an advanced copy of the hilariously funny hit Bridesmaids. I loved it when it was in the theater, and now I'm equally excited to gather a few of my inner circle and sneak out and watch it from the comfort of a friend's home. We've got big plans for our Girls Night In, Bridesmaids style.

To keep everything organized, I've created this magnificent pinboard (see above) through one of my favorite new sites, Polyvore. It's amazing and helps me put so many things together.

Let's start with the movie theme, because who doesn't need popcorn? Thank G-d for microwave popcorn and those adorable little single serve plastic buckets (as seen above) at Target. I've been eyeing them for quite some time and finally have an opportunity to use them! And movie candy, I've got these multi-purpose mason jars from Michael's that I use for absolutely everything. The night of Girls Night In, we'll take a cute ribbon, tie it around the top and fill them with some of our favorite movie candy: Red Vines, M&Ms, Skittles, etc. (My mouth is watering!)

This isn't just any old movie night so we'll need some centerpieces which will double as our party favors, because party favors aren't just for kids anymore. We're doing a pink theme, because we're still girls at heart. But we'll make these itty bitty bouquets out of stock and mini-mums, wrap them in paper and ribbon and have them set in smaller vases with pink ribbon wrapped around the bottom during the party. I'm all about dual functionality.

It's Friday night, and many of the girls will be glad to have put the kids to bed and sneak out of the house for some much needed alone time, so we'll have some yummy Moscato and Rose Champagne (think pink!) on hand. Anyone that knows anything about me knows that Diet Coke is my personal drink of choice.

Also on hand, will be a fruit assortment, I'm thinking fruit skewers, but those are time consuming, and with 5 boys, that might be fairly ambitious this week!

And let's not forget the cupcakes! We've teamed up with local specialist LindsayCAKES who has agreed to make us a special Bridesmaids themed treat. Who doesn't love that?

Friday cannot come soon enough!

And don't forget you can get your copy of Bridesmaids on Tuesday, so start planning your own Girls Night In.