Monday, September 26, 2011

Mission Accomplished: Girls Night In is a Success

Yes, it's been over a week since my Girl's Night In: Bridesmaids Style. But it was just THAT fantastic that I was too exhausted to recap. But I'm here now to tell you, in great detail, just how marvelous it was.

13 of us gathered in a girlfriend's "screening" room to escape our typical Family Friday Nights. Not that we don't love the end of the week with our family's, but coming off of the beginning of school, it's been nothing short of exhausting. We popped open some wine, and in my case a few cans of Diet Coke, oooohhh'd and aawwwww'd over the treats from LINDSAYCakes and began to relax. I would have loved to chitchat with all the girls all night long (and I think I foresee my own Girl's Night In coming soon), there was a movie to watch.

Movie candy was passed around, cell phones were put on vibrate, the lights were lowered. For the next two hours, every one laughed uncontrollably. We couldn't stop. No one moved, we were glued to our seats. It's the most quiet I've ever seen this group of women in my life.

After the movie, we did our stretching - hey we're pushing 40, things get tight - and made our way to the desserts. LINDSAYCakes did an incredible job with the cupcakes. Her attention to detail - she did bridesmaids dresses on some, and little faux engagement rings on others. Nearly everyone took one home - in addition to their real party favor: a mini-bouquet from Calabasas Flowers.

The evening was priceless, the company was bar none.

Bridesmaids is a must see, and it's officially out on DVD now, so get your own copy and have a Girl's Night In ASAP!

To place cupcake or cake orders from LINDSAYCakes, email Lindsay @

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