Sunday, March 21, 2010

Whoops - I did it again!

Hello, my name is Jen Levinson and I am a pack rat. I hate to admit it, but clearly, I am since last summer I had my garage cleaned out and managed to fill it again in less than a year. Who saved me? The 1 Day Garage Makeover people! They are seriously AMAZING and worth every penny spent. It is so nice to be able to WALK in my garage...yet alone park in it! Ask yourself - Can you park your car in your garage? Do you find yourself embarrassed to have the garage door up because the garage is such a mess? Do you trip over items every time you walk in the garage? If you find yourself relating to any of the above questions, as clearly I do, I have a solution for you! The team from 1 Day Garage Makeover came over again yesterday. They arrived at 9am, and left 4 hours later. They cleared out the garage and I was outside for a ½ hr. as they were asking me - should they toss, keep or donate. Piles were made and I went back in until 1pm, there was a knock at the door and the garage was SPOTLESS. Jens List members get $25 off. The avg. garage ranges from $300-$500.Estimates are free – 818-451-8530 – I know they are booking fast, so if you are interested, I would call sooner vs. later!
Here are the 2nd set(how embarassing)of before and after photos!